Daniel Gopher


Daniel Gopher is a professor of Cognitive Psychology and Human Factors Engineering and holds the Yigal Alon Chair for the Study of Humans at Work. He is a fellow of the U.S. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and the International Ergonomics Association. Since 1980 he has been the director of The Research Center for Work Safety and Human Engineering, an interdisciplinary research centre which involves 30 researchers from 5 Technion faculties and 80 graduate students, who work in 7 laboratories. In 1996 he also established together with Prof. Asher Koriat fromHaifaUniversity, the jointTechnion-Haifa University Max Wertheimer MinervaResearchCenter, for Cognitive Processes and Human Performance.

Prof. Gopher joined the Technion Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences (former Industrial Engineering and Management) in 1979, after serving 12 years in the Israel Defence Forces, during which he was a senior scientist and acting head of the Research Unit in the Personnel Division (1966-1970), and senior scientist and head of Human Factors of the Air force (1970-1979).

Prof. Gopher received his doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. From 1973-1975 he had a postdoctoral appointment at the Institute of Aviation and the Department of Psychology of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, during which he also obtained supplementary education in Engineering, Human Factors and Aviation.